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JIF in brief

ENDONESIA | Tuesday, February 03, 2009 | 0 comments

A training & education institution, with a focus in management, finance and capital market, owned by PT Citra Adhikara Widyadhana

Established to answer to the needs of well trained human resources in the financial and capital market sectors, as well as other related sectors by developing skills and knowledge of professional & support staff working in those industries.

Vision, Mission & Values
VisionTo become the leading provider of international standard education and training programs in the Indonesian finance and investment industry

MissionTo contribute to the development of world class standards of financial and investment sectors governance by providing high quality education and training programs for those working or wanting to take part in the industry

ValuesWe believe that learning is a long-life process and that knowledge which comes with experience should be passed on to others. In so doing, we help others develop their skills & increase their knowledge, all for the future of this nation.

Why JIF ?
Professional & highly qualified trainers & program directors

Access to industry practitioners

Access to international training providers to provide immediate capabilities, program advantages and cost saving in comparison to having to go overseas for similar courses

Quality education & training programs with a practical focus

Supported by experienced advisors/professionals in financial & capital market sectors as well as from leading universities

Strong commitment in building ethical businesses in Indonesia through education & training programs

Provision of business solution to participants

Well prepared & well organized programs

JIF’s Services

Training & Education - Regular & Customized Programs- Focused on providing practical programs

Consultancy ServicesA wide range of consultancy services in the areas of management, finance, capital market, sales & marketing, good corporate governance, intellectual property rights, business ethics

Business PublicationsJIF can also assist clients in developing business journals, annual report, company profile as well as other business publications

How Does JIF Benefit Your Organization ?
With its integrated services, JIF can help in analyzing your organization, identifying key issues and providing training programs to improve the knowledge and skills of your human resources

With its knowledge & network, JIF can assist companies that are looking for possibilities to raise funds thru private placement or public offering in capital market.

Jakarta Institute of Finance
Graha BS Lantai Dasar
Jl. Kemang Utara A. No.3 Bangka - Mampang Prapatan
Jakarta Selatan 12730
Phone : 6221 7183549
Fax :6221 7183554
Email :,
Web :
Program Training & Education : Capital Market, Finance, Managemet, Marketing, Human Resource, etc.


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